How Do Retailers Beat Amazon? 5 Tips To Help!

How Do Retailers Beat Amazon? 5 Tips To Help!

So there you are, you’ve had your retail shop for many years and you’re reading and hearing reports of major retail chains in trouble, closing store locations down that once stood for decades.  You hear everyone talking about  They’re in the media at almost every turn.  They sell just about everything and their prices are hard to beat.  For an annual fee, they offer free 2-Day shipping on almost every order.  They even manufacture and sell their own goods.  A multi-billion dollar company with enough cash to turn your lights out in a flash.  Should you be worried?  Does this threaten your business?  Possibly?  Maybe?

The question in every retailer’s mind is “How Do I Beat Them?”.  I’ve created 5 tips to help you beat the online giant.

  1.  Sell Products They Don’t Sell – Believe it or not, there are manufacturers out there that give up the greed for their retailers.  Retailers are like an army that support the brands they sell like no other.  It’s free advertising for a manufacturer if a retail store is pushing their products.  They are the cheerleaders for the products that strengthen their brand.  It’s like having your own personal “Street Team”.  As a gratitude, manufacturers won’t sell their products on Amazon, leaving the retailer to sell them in their stores. Selling products that are not sold on Amazon is a sure way to grab marketshare.
  2. Manufacture Your Own Products – It may not be the easiest route, however, manufacturing your own products and being in full control of your own brand, could be the most rewarding.  Designing and creating your own product allows you full control over how you sell your product and to whom you sell it to.  Manufacturers have tough policies for retailers to follow, but, being in control of your brand’s policies is priceless.  Key is, manufacturer a product so great, Amazon will be begging you to sell it on their site.  From there, you’re golden.  High margins + high sales = killer key to success!
  3. Give Personalized Customer Service – Give the best possible customer service your customers could ever receive.  Be personable and include your customer service phone number on everything you can.  Shoppers always like to see a phone number available just in case.  They feel much more comfortable shopping in a store where they know they can call should they have any questions or if anything should go wrong.  What is Amazon’s customer phone number?  Exactly, they don’t want you contacting them.  There are plenty of shoppers that use the phone to ask questions.  Be unique and have your phone number ready and available.
  4. Open Your Own Retail Shop – Amazon does not have any brick and mortar locations.  Plenty of shoppers like to shop at physical locations.  This helps tremendously if you sell apparel.  Shoppers don’t like going through the hassle of shipping goods back they can’t use or that don’t fit properly.  They prefer to shop in-person.  After all, stock images on a website still don’t do a product justice.  Seeing with your naked eye and having the capability of touching a product is still the best way to shop.  Make sure you do all the necessary research when choosing a location for your retail store.  The old cliche “Location, location, location” absolutely applies.  You’ll need a solid location to get the foot traffic you expect and deserve, so, treat this as the number one most important factor when choosing your retail location.
  5. Reward Repeat Customers – Rewarding your loyal customers should be a staple in your retail business brand.  Aside from providing hands-on stellar customer service, shoppers absolutely love perks and rewards they can receive of any kind.  Offer discounts off their next purchase or give them free stuff if you can.  Many manufacturers will send promotional items to give away to your customers.  Giving your customers these promotional items will make your loyal shoppers happy.  They certainly are not getting freebies from Amazon.  Rewarding your repeat customers every time they shop is a sure way to build a solid repeat customer base!

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